LinkedIn101 - July 22 Special Live Event πŸ”΄

LinkedIn101 - July 22 Special Live Event πŸ”΄


2021 will be the year that all businesses transition to digital in some way or another, and this ABSOLUTELY includes the art of selling and growing relationships!

Let's face it, the world is packed with LinkedIn guru's! The good news is I AM NOT A LINKEDIN TRAINER!

I'm a business owner, like you, that needed to harness the power of social selling, and my choice was LinkedIn. I've built my business on this platform, and over the years, I've learnt the wrong ways, and the awesome ways of being able to win new business, nurture amazing relationships, and figure out how to bring in leads on a weekly basis!

During this live session, you will learn:

★ How to create the perfect profile.

★ Understanding the banner, headline, featured and about section.

★ Tips, strategies and ways to enhance your personal branding.

★ Understanding the psychology of your audience.

★ Searching, connecting and messaging your connections.

★ The power of groups, and how to use groups.

★ Implementing video and audio messaging to create success.

★ Top tips for using a smartphone to create video content

★ Posting, creating stories and ways to capture your audience.

★ An overview of how to integrate other technology in to your LinkedIn success.

★ Canva - top tips - including how to create the perfect banner yourself.

★ VidYard - the best way to record video messages.

★ Zoom - working with registration links and bringing clients to YOU!

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