The world changed in March 2020. Personal branding became more important than ever - professionals turned to LinkedIn to harness the power to engage with thousands of potential clients without leaving their home. Creating content and commenting on posts isn't good enough anymore! 

Confession : I'm not a full time LinkedIn trainer! I run a successful email encryption / electronic signature software company, and I do it all through LinkedIn. Through branding, content, video, sales psychology, groups, messaging, engaging and so much more!

I created LinkedIn101 to share my secrets, and to empower YOU to turn YOUR LinkedIn profile in to your NUMBER 1 LEAD GENERATION TOOL!

Available Products

10 Steps To Becoming a LinkedIn Hero πŸ¦Έβ€β™‚οΈ

My gift to you ♥

For all LinkedIn newbies, here is your 10 STEPS TO BECOMING A LINKEDIN SUPERHERO download!

If you're just starting out, then follow these simple steps to create instant results!

Download right now for FREE

LinkedIn101 - October Special Live Event πŸ”΄

My last of 4 special LinkedIn101 live events of 2021!

This one you are NOT GOING TO WANT TO MISS!

Learn the MODERN way of selling, and building your business on LinkedIn, including the power of video, messaging, posting, technology and the modern way of creating success on LinkedIn!

This time, I'm also providing you with the option to bundle the e-book, and a LinkedIn post that I will compose, design and post for you and capture over 5,000 views.

LinkedIn101 - Power Hour with Mike ⚑

A fast paced one to one power hour with Mike.

We will cover your profile, branding, messaging, posts, tactics, ideas and ways to win with LinkedIn, including your first post campaign!

Get ready for the most intense 60 minutes learning experience as we won't be stopping until you have everything you need to smash your success levels, increase your views and succeed on LinkedIn!

LinkedIn101 - 90 Page 2021 Edition E-Book πŸ“–

Everything you need to know about how to succeed with LinkedIn!

86 jam packed pages!

An easy to follow, step by step guide accompaniment to success on LinkedIn, including :

Content creation ★ Design ★ Banners ★ Profile ★ Messaging ★ Posting ★Video and everything in between! 

Campaign Creator πŸ’£

Do you struggle to come up with ideas for LinkedIn posts?

Do you struggle to achieve high view figures and never achieve how to get the best engagement and work the system?

Let me do it for you! 1 hard hitting post each week, with magic LinkedIn101 ingredients added to get views, interaction and most of all.... leads!

I create the content, the text, hashtags, tags and a unique attached design.

LinkedIn101 - Team Training With E-Book πŸ™οΈ

LinkedIn101 - A serious powerhouse of a session over 4 days with your team!

Recorded LIVE 🔴

The LinkedIn101 eBook is included for all attendees

Content creation ★ Design ★ Banners ★ Profile ★ Messaging ★ Posting ★Video and everything in between! 

LinkedIn101 - One to One 4 Day Bootcamp! πŸš€

A laser focussed personalised session with Mike. Spread over 4 hours, over 4 days, we will cover (in detail) your profile, branding, messaging, posts, tactics, ideas and ways to win with LinkedIn, including your first post campaign! I will also create and design your new LinkedIn banner.

Supercharge your profile, personal branding, posting, messaging, video, psychology of your audience, canva, zoom, VidYard, integrations and so much more!

Video Email Signatures πŸ“Ό

A video email signature helps you connect with your clients on a more human level.

Using your existing email signature, I can add a small (moving) video image that takes your clients to a branded page to learn more about you, your team and your business! 

Make a difference, enhance your brand and take your clients on a journey with every email sent! 

CANVA For Beginners - 2 Hour Crash Course 🎨

Learn Canva with Mike via one to one personalised tutorial sessions

From stickers, to presentations, to video and social media posting, this is the tool for you!

During our session, we will also create any design of your choice!

LinkedIn101 LIVE EVENT VIDEO - 90 minute special - Includes eBook!

A special 90 minute LIVE event hosted by Mike Roberts covering the entire content of LinkedIn101!

This video will cover the majority of LinkedIn101 including video, branding, profile creation, messaging, posts, groups and much more.

This video is available for £94 for a limited time only.....

Audio to video testimonials

Bring your audio clips and whatsapp audio messages to life with a personalised video testimonial, personally designed for your branding and colours...

Adapted for Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook or web pages. Audio spectrum included and subtitles optional.

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